Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why People are Reluctant to give their Land for Development Work:

Land and house are very sensitive properties for an Indian. Indian gets sentimental when a house or land is required to be sold. No Indian wish to part with these properties. The other questions asked by affected persons are:-
1.      Whether I would get land for land?
2.      Whether I would get building for building?
3.      If I get land or house at which location?
4.      If I don't get land or building where do I stay and how I earn my livelihood?
5.      If I am required to sacrifice whether beneficiaries would sacrifice for me? And how?
6.      Is it possible to shift the development project to another location?
7.      Experience of others who sacrificed for development show that they are left unattended even after 30/40 years. Is there any guarantee I would not suffer in the same way?
8.      There may be a few who do not have to loose land (in the peripheral region) but they loose livelihood because forest go under water or they loose water source because they don't have adequate resources to fetch water for their fields.
9.      Always landless and homeless people are worst affected. Because they had no land they never have a hope to get land. Even land for shacks is denied to them. They loose their livelihood and cannot earn because they have no skills for other jobs.
10.  People not only are directly affected but indirectly too. Mostly some loose communication facilities even if they don't loose land. There may be some who would be affected by natural calamities on account of development works.

Sufferers cannot be blamed for not parting with their present land and building. Any sensible person shall be reluctant to part with existing property. If nation wants persons' sacrifice the nation (meaning beneficiaries) must also sacrifice for the sufferers. This is not a difficult problem. Solution is simple. The beneficiaries must sacrifice. Their partial sacrifice meaning a small part of land should be made available for the displaced persons, cost of building must be borne by the beneficiaries and help in earning livelihood is the minimum. More details are available here

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